We believe all children should have equal access to education and learning development, enabling them to reach their full potential.

It is a fact that there are children in the UK living in poverty, this maybe where parents are unable to work due to illness, single parents, or parents that both work but are still unable to ‘make ends meet’. It became clear once the Covid lockdown started there were children and families in our local area that were struggling so we asked the local community through food banks, community hubs etc how we could help.  We realised that there were children who needed help with their home-studies and after lockdown would need help to get them not only ‘back to school”  but feeling the same as their peers in the classroom. This may mean helping with school supplies like uniform, shoes or school club outfits. Books, pens pencils and school stationery. We also supply educational toys for toddlers to get ready for their school years.

If you know a family or are a family who need help and assistance, please get in touch, we will speak to you without judgement and try to help where we can.