Summer School!

Little Edi Foundation are very proud to announce we are to hold our first Summer School. August 4th -7th.This will be at Widford Lodge School and split into three areas.
Education where children will have the opportunity to catch up on subjects they individually feel they have fallen behind in. This will by run by the highly experienced teacher Maria Catchpole and a team of supporters. Sport / fun and games run by Multiple Sports for all with Dom Fenton , Adrian Cuthill and team. Amazing that we have them on board, the children will love these sessions. Mindfulness and arts and crafts provided by the Charity Amazing minds and delivered by Tess Griggs Louise Geer and team. We have our youth forum helping out as well, which is lovely to see.
We will be providing lunch,snacks and drinks and all the children have been sent personal invites.
With most summer provisions closed due to Covid this is a lifeline for parents but more importantly a chance for children to catch up on missed schooling in a relaxed environment and also have fun. Some children have been in flats with parents shielding and not been out the whole of lockdown so this offers time to socialise.We of course will be extremely strict in our cleaning ,children’s hand washing and social distancing to ensure everyone’s safety.We cannot thank Michell Cole Headteacher of Widford Lodge school enough for allowing us to use the premises.
For more information go to our contact page and get in touch…