LEF is an Essex based non-profit, listening to the needs of the most vulnerable children and families..

We believe all children should have equal access to education and learning development, enabling them to reach their full potential and bridge the gap between children living in poverty and their wealthier friends. To achieve this, we listen to the needs of our local vulnerable families and help where necessary to get their children into school with whatever they need.

We focus on creating development opportunities for disadvantaged young people from local areas, we do this in a number of ways.

Listening to the community

It is a fact that there are children in the UK living in poverty, this maybe where parents are unable to work due to illness, single parents, or parents that both work but are still unable to ‘make ends meet’. We listen to these families with no judgement and help where we can to make these children feel they can go to school and not feel different. This may mean helping with school supplies like uniform, shoes or school club outfits. We supply educational toys for toddlers to get ready for their school years.

Are you a family that need help?..

The UK Youth Development Project

We have previously offered a number of paid grants for young people to volunteer abroad.
We work closely with local schools, youth clubs and community workers to identify children and young adults who need and deserve to make a change to their lives, or who have a history of volunteer work but cannot afford a paid gap experience as they look to a career in maybe charity, nursing, teaching or social care.

The Youth Forum

Once a month, our Youth Forum meet to discuss new projects and/or fundraising ideas and manage them with autonomy. The Youth Forum was established by a group of volunteers from our UK Youth Development Project  who wanted to be able to offer greater support to the organisation and the local community following their experiences working for LEF. For example, the Youth Forum have successfully run a variety of fundraising events from quizzes to football matches. Recently, they have started working on a new initiative- partnering with local food banks. As The Little Edi Foundation receives a large amount of donations in clothes, toiletries and stationery supplies, the Youth Forum thought it would be a good idea to begin a UK based project where these items are also donated locally.

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